The trouble with Kenyans


1st – This car with the private sign is driving on the wrong side of the road. But this is normal
2nd – The motorcyclist to the right is about to embark onto a pavement. But this is normal.
3rd – Some fools to the left are hitch hiking on a petrol tanker clearly indicated ‘Danger – Petrol’. But this is normal

This is a normal scene on our roads. Kenyans don’t follow rules. And we ask where the 300 billion lost in the 2011/2012 financial year by government ministries went. And we ask why KDF soldiers looted the Westgate mall during a rescue operation. And we ask why Sonko the Senator humped Shebesh, a Member of Parliament, and posted the pictures online.

When it comes to elections all we think is Raila Uhuru Ruto Kalonzo. Tribal chiefs. We deserve the shit we get coz we are that shit itself.

That is why I would vote for Abduba Dida, again. Call me whatever the eff you want. If your ‘normal’ is shit, your behaviour is shit & you vote for shit accept the shit!


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