Plastic Smile

Plastic Smile

Plastic unearthed as Kenya Power tried to dig a trench at Donholm Nairobi to lay their cables

At the local having one for the road

Everyone talking about the looming ban

The end of use of plastics on 28th Aug 17

Kauzi: ‘Wame-ban plastic zote’

JJ: ‘Zii, wame-ban tu zile plastic konde’

Chizi: ‘Kama condoms?’

JJ: ‘Ona huyu, fee ya Mathare iliwashinda?’

Opepe: ‘Wasee niwaulize, kutaendaje hii story ya plastic smile?’

 Lets drink to our plastic smiles.


4 thoughts on “Plastic Smile

  1. We try so hard to be conscious of our responsibility to the earth, and still I have so much plastic and packaging to dispose of. I do not let even one bag escape into the trash but hold for the recycling van. I wonder though how much gets lost in the earth and the oceans. I pray we find a solution soon.

      1. A ban on polythene, polystyrene and rigifoam was introduced in Srii Lanka only on 1st Sept. But bags of a thicker gauge are permitted … still to find out why, Indeed we have quite a mess to mop up.

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