Kenya introduced new currency on Madaraka Day 2019



Members of parliament accidentally found themselves on ‘Top Dollar’, the highest currency on the land.


New Money


This Mau Mau memorial is located at Uhuru park. It depicts a female freedom fighter handing over supplies to a  male counterpart. It is said that during the hand-overs the comrades never looked each other in the face to reduce instances of betrayal.


This memorial is one of the few dedicated to the Mau Mau freedom fighters who have been neglected by successive governments after independence.


Mau Mau Memorial

John Paul iii

This Commemorative monument is found in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park. It is erected at the spot where Pope John Paul the Second celebrated mass on his first visit to Kenya in 1980.

John Paul ii

Pope John Paul the second also said a sequel mass at the same spot when he visited in 1985.

Did you know? Uhuru Park was opened to the general public by the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on 23 May 1969.

The Pontiff’s Mass